Foxconn (Predictably) Reneges on Their Statements Regarding the Apple HDTV

Remember when Foxconn got loose lips and started popping off about a certain Apple HDTV that's in development? Seems like someone at Apple put the fear of god into its manufacturing partner, because all of a sudden, Foxconn is claiming that they had "neither confirmed, nor speculated" about any such thing. Yeah, OK. »5/14/12 1:41pm5/14/12 1:41pm

Why the Apple HDTV Rumor Won't (and Maybe Shouldn't) Die

It's a rumor as insidious as cicadas and even more annoying: the Apple Television. Not another Apple TV box. A full-fledged, high-def, wall-mounted monster straight out of Cupertino. And while it's always seemed unlikely, the murmurs and the rumblings won't stop. Is it possible that this time they're actually onto… »6/22/11 5:10pm6/22/11 5:10pm

An Apple HDTV Might Be Ready for the World, But Is the World Ready for an Apple HDTV?

An actual Apple television. More than a few people believe it's on the way. And more than just offering hardware without good content deals in place (BOXEE, GOOGLE...I'M LOOKING AT YOU), it's rumored that such a device would either run iOS apps, play host to a revamped iTunes video subscription service, or both. »4/18/11 2:43pm4/18/11 2:43pm