Gory Photos of the iMac Teardown Reveal Little Has Changed

Sure, the new iMacs have a couple of Thunderbolt ports and more grunt between them, but other than that has much else changed? To answer that question, we'll defer to the iFixit guys, who've already torn the 21.5-inch iMac apart. » 5/04/11 9:45am 5/04/11 9:45am

Retailers Corroborate iMac Refresh Rumor For Next Week

Things are looking good for a now probable iMac refresh this coming week, with MacRumors' retail sources confirming that new iMac part numbers have shown up in their systems. Delivery should hit about Monday or Tuesday and fall in line with the current pricing ($1199, $1499 and $1799). And according to MacRumors, the… » 4/27/08 3:30pm 4/27/08 3:30pm

Dell XPS One, Gateway One and Apple iMac Get Friendly

The All-In-One is in full effect this year, with some very hot models: the Gateway One, the Dell XPS One and Apple's new iMac. While it's nice to pick favorites and all, the fact is, each of these are better than most computers out there, and each has particular design traits that stand out. I've given awards in… » 12/20/07 9:00pm 12/20/07 9:00pm

Santa Rosa-based iMacs with Brushed Metal Frame on the Horizon?

Call it wishful thinking, but the folks at 9 to 5 Mac are reporting that Apple's new iMacs (which they say will debut at WWDC) will pack Intel's Santa Rosa technology and come in sizes larger than the current 24-inch model. Both are pretty safe assumptions, but what they'll look like is up in the air. Will they have… » 6/04/07 9:15am 6/04/07 9:15am

Apple Dumping its 17-inch iMac for Beefier 20 and 24 inchers

The folks at Apple Insider are reporting that Apple will soon ditch its baby iMac (17-inch model) to make room for new 20- and 24-inch systems. Like the MacBooks, the speed bumps on the iMacs are expected to be modest. The new models (which are rumored to arrive at the end of June) will also be accompanied by a new… » 5/22/07 10:50am 5/22/07 10:50am