FCC Ramping Up Web Security After iPad Breach and Google Street View…

Unlike you guys, the FCC is taking the iPad security breach a little more seriously. The two high profile issues are causing the FCC to step up their scrutiny of online security and privacy issues. They're calling the iPad breach a "classic security breach" and have put cyber security on high priority through their… » 6/11/10 1:59pm 6/11/10 1:59pm

FBI Begins Investigating AT&T iPad 3G Security Breach

The WSJ is reporting that the FBI has opened up an investigation into the AT&T security breach that revealed the ICC-IDs and email addresses of many iPad 3G owners. » 6/10/10 6:15pm 6/10/10 6:15pm

iPad 3G Dismantled: There Are Five Antennas

We've seen its communications board before, but now the entire iPad 3G has been torn open and had its parts analyzed. Here's what makes it different from a Wi-Fi-only iPad according to the guys at iFixit: » 4/30/10 11:38pm 4/30/10 11:38pm

iPad 3G Shipping by May 7

There's an update to Apple's online store: A shipping date for the iPad 3G has been added. Apparently the device will head your way by May 7—unless you've preordered and are receiving it in late April. [AppleThanks, Matt!] » 4/19/10 2:49am 4/19/10 2:49am