Let's Talk About Whatever You Want Right Now

Hello! How was your week? Did you bend your new iPhone in half with your bare hands? Apple would like you to keep your phone-bending to a minimum. But not me! Rigid phones are so 2000 and late, and you are avant-garde, dear reader. I'll send spare Ello invites to anyone who can twist their new phone into the shape of… » 9/26/14 4:24pm 9/26/14 4:24pm

This May Be the iPhone 6 Screen: Sharp's Ultra-Thin p-Si LCD

Oh, you think rumormongering about the iPhone 5 is hot? Just you wait until you hear what's said to be in next year's iPhones—some bad-ass ultra-thin Sharp LCD screens, that's what. » 4/26/11 10:48am 4/26/11 10:48am