Up Close and Personal with Krell's $1,200 iPod Dock

Looking for a way to pamper your iPod? Audio giant Krell showed off its first ever iPod dock at the Home Entertainment Show 2007 in New York today. The $1,200 dock (which is the most expensive iPod accessory out there) was just finished yesterday. Krell reps affectionately call it "The Kid." To serious audiophiles… » 5/11/07 4:08pm 5/11/07 4:08pm

Sony's TDM-iP1 Lets Your iPod and Home Theater Play Nice

Think of Sony's TDM-iP1 as the middleman between your iPod and your Bravia set up. Connect your iPod to the TDM-iP1, then plug the dock into your Bravia home theater/receiver and you'll be able to navigate your iPod straight from your TV, playing both its music and videos. It's pricey at $100, but its not every day… » 4/03/07 2:59pm 4/03/07 2:59pm

Philips Entertainment Dock Brings Your iPod into Your Kitchen

Can't bare to spend an hour without your iPod? Philips' under-the-cabinet DCD778 Docking System lets you dock and hang your significant other from your kitchen cupboards. The unit's 8.5-inch LCD will let you watch TV (it has built-in tuners) or DVDs or you can play CDs and AM/FM radio. The unit will go for $400 when… » 3/19/07 7:13pm 3/19/07 7:13pm