All the Cool New Stuff From Apple

Apple's music event was so full of shiny gadgets and awesome news that your head might still be spinning. In case you struggled to keep up with everything or want a review, here are all the highlights: » 9/01/10 2:50pm 9/01/10 2:50pm

Among many other new features, Apple is including Netflix support straight into their new Apple TV. At last, they…

Up Close and Personal with Krell's $1,200 iPod Dock

Looking for a way to pamper your iPod? Audio giant Krell showed off its first ever iPod dock at the Home Entertainment Show 2007 in New York today. The $1,200 dock (which is the most expensive iPod accessory out there) was just finished yesterday. Krell reps affectionately call it "The Kid." To serious audiophiles who… » 5/11/07 4:08pm 5/11/07 4:08pm

Sony's TDM-iP1 Lets Your iPod and Home Theater Play Nice

Think of Sony's TDM-iP1 as the middleman between your iPod and your Bravia set up. Connect your iPod to the TDM-iP1, then plug the dock into your Bravia home theater/receiver and you'll be able to navigate your iPod straight from your TV, playing both its music and videos. It's pricey at $100, but its not every day… » 4/03/07 2:59pm 4/03/07 2:59pm

iPod Nano Explodes During Charge

It seems like every month a new gadget goes up in flames. This month it's an iPod nano that was caught exploding while being charged via a PC. The owner says that the force sent his iPod flying to the ground, where it started smoking and sparking until it was unplugged. Unfortunately, the iPod was out of warranty, so… » 4/02/07 11:29am 4/02/07 11:29am

Philips Entertainment Dock Brings Your iPod into Your Kitchen

Can't bare to spend an hour without your iPod? Philips' under-the-cabinet DCD778 Docking System lets you dock and hang your significant other from your kitchen cupboards. The unit's 8.5-inch LCD will let you watch TV (it has built-in tuners) or DVDs or you can play CDs and AM/FM radio. The unit will go for $400 when… » 3/19/07 7:13pm 3/19/07 7:13pm

Apple Inc and Apple Corp Finally Hug it Out

Ok, so maybe there was no Super Bowl ad announcing a new iPod, but Apple Inc and The Beatles' Apple Corp do have some news to share this morning. Both companies have finally put an end to their bickering over the Apple trademark. Under the agreement, Jobs' Apple "will own all of the trademarks related to "Apple" and will … » 2/05/07 9:48am 2/05/07 9:48am

Is Hollywood Losing its Infatuation with the iPod?

There used to be a time when you'd see Apple's iPod in practically every new music video. Everyone from Snoop Dogg to 50 Cent could be seen flashing their shiny white player, much in the same manner that Paris Hilton whored herself out to the Sidekick. But lately it seems the iPod has been getting the shaft from… » 2/02/07 6:05pm 2/02/07 6:05pm