Report: Apple Tablet Slated For Aluminum Casing and Q2 Launch

Reuters today, citing unnamed sources, reports that Apple's supply chain will begin manufacturing aluminum casings for their upcoming tablet device next month. That means a shipment could come as early as this spring. » 1/08/10 3:37pm 1/08/10 3:37pm

The Exhaustive Guide to Apple Tablet Rumors

The Apple tablet is almost here. We hear. Actually, we're hearing a whole lot lately. With this exhaustive guide to every tablet rumor, we've got the clearest picture of the Apple tablet yet. Updated constantly. » 12/26/09 12:00pm 12/26/09 12:00pm

The Apple Tablet's Name: iSlate (At Least, It Sure Looks That Way)

Poking more at the info Apple secretly registered a couple years ago, TechCrunch found Apple's possibly setup a shell company called Slate Computing, which has a trademark on "iSlate." The signatory? Apple's Senior Trademark Specialist, MacRumors discovered. » 12/25/09 7:40pm 12/25/09 7:40pm