Apple Might Have a Tough Time With That iTV Name

The story's been repeated before, most recently with the iPad: Apple dreams up the perfect product name, said product name is already spoken for, Apple buys/cajoles said name anyhow. But the rumored iTV may have to follow a different script. » 8/13/10 8:29am 8/13/10 8:29am

Apple's iTV Not Ready for Prime Time

The folks at AppleInsider are reporting that Apple's iTV (the set top box that promised to stream media to your living room) won't be ready for Macworld SF. Apple's supposedly blaming the delay on issues they're having with the device's OS. To Apple's defense, Jobs never said iTV would be ready for Macworld (he gave… » 1/02/07 6:31pm 1/02/07 6:31pm

1-Minute Update: Apple iTV to have Hard Drive?

According to MacRumors, Disney CEO Bob Iger reveals that Apple's from-the-future livingroom media streamer, iTV, will have a hard drive. That seems like a good idea, if they're going to try to stream video over WiFi. But I'm not sure Bobby knows what he's talkin bout. If he's right, great, but for $299 iTV better… » 9/20/06 1:44pm 9/20/06 1:44pm