Charge Apple Keyboards and Trackpads Wirelessly With the Mobee Charger

Instead of charging Apple's wireless trackpad and keyboard on something keyboard-sized, slim down with the Magic Bar. The peripheral charges itself by USB, and in turn charges the keyboard and trackpad just by sliding them into place. » 4/12/11 8:40am 4/12/11 8:40am

New, Even Smaller Apple Bluetooth Keyboard Whispers New iMacs to Us

Why care about a new Apple Bluetooth keyboard showing up at the FCC? Besides the fact it's even more midget-sized than before, combined with rumors about a multitouch Mightier Mouse and fancy iMacs, it suggests a whole new kit's coming. » 10/02/09 12:46pm 10/02/09 12:46pm

The iPhone Keyboard Might Suck, But This Ain't a Whole Lot Better

This is like a half-assed version of the future: You'll plug your com into a keyboard and monitor, but we'll have to settle for an iPhone and Apple keyboard for now: » 2/23/09 9:00am 2/23/09 9:00am

Certain Aluminum Apple Keyboard Function Keys Not Working For You?

If you recently purchased one of those new slim aluminum Apple keyboards, you might have noticed that a couple of the fancy function keys on top (where the F-keys are) didn't work. Namely, the F3 and F4 keys, which activate the Exposé and the Dashboard functions. Even using OS X's built-in keyboard shortcut remapping… » 8/22/07 12:28pm 8/22/07 12:28pm