Apple: "No Reasonable Person" Should Trust Their Marketing

While every new Apple product is scrutinized closely by an army of ambulance chasers, taking issue with Apple's speed claims »12/02/08 5:40pm12/02/08 5:40pm regarding the iPhone 3G is probably a somewhat reasonable position...unless you realize that Apple doesn't expect you to trust them in the first place.After a legal complaint by 70-year-old…

Apple Fires Back At Psystar: 'We're Sooo Not A Monopoly'

Remember when Psystar turned their little hardware dalliance with Mac OS X into an ideological crusade »10/02/08 6:10am10/02/08 6:10am against monopolies? Apple isn't having any of it. The company has just filed to dismiss Psystar's antitrust lawsuit, and, as if channeling John McCain from the last debate, seems pretty angry that Psystar just : …

Afternoon News: Apple's Patent, Cashwrap, and Lawsuit

• An Apple Patent that refers to wobbling icons is strikingly similar to the same feature found in the leaked iPhone 1.1.3 firmware, confirmation? [Mobile Mag]
• Apple stores that still have "cashwrap" counters, aka cash register counters, will soon be moving to those portable credit card-transaction computers. But… »1/03/08 3:05pm1/03/08 3:05pm