Apple and AT&T Sued for Selling Too Many iPhone 3Gs

Apple/AT&T customer William Gillis was unhappy with the performance of his iPhone 3G. So he filed a lawsuit. But what's unique in this case is that the lawsuit isn't complaining just that the iPhone 3G is underperforming, but that the iPhone 3G is underperforming because it's been consciously oversold in a plot by… » 9/03/08 9:30am 9/03/08 9:30am

Afternoon News: Apple's Patent, Cashwrap, and Lawsuit

• An Apple Patent that refers to wobbling icons is strikingly similar to the same feature found in the leaked iPhone 1.1.3 firmware, confirmation? [Mobile Mag]
• Apple stores that still have "cashwrap" counters, aka cash register counters, will soon be moving to those portable credit card-transaction computers. But… » 1/03/08 3:05pm 1/03/08 3:05pm