Apple Gives Mac Pros an 8-Core Makeover

So the rumors were true. Apple has given their mighty Mac Pro a power jolt this morning, allowing power-hungry fanboys the option of configuring a system with two quad-core 3.0GHz Intel Xeons. So what's all this gonna cost you? A basic 8-core system will run you $3,997. Ouch. So now that we have that rumor taken care… » 4/04/07 9:57am 4/04/07 9:57am

ATI's Radeon X2800XT Brings Heavy Horsepower to Apple's Next Gen Mac…

So if the guys at AppleInsider are on the money, ATI's abnormally long X2800XT could be the graphics card to power Apple's rumored next gen Mac Pros. The red giant will feature 1GB of GDDR4 memory clocked at 2GHz while the card's core will come in at 800MHz. Basically that means it has the potential to eat Nvidia's… » 2/22/07 10:20am 2/22/07 10:20am