Mac Notebooks Suffering from Stretch Marks, Swollen Batteries?

Perhaps this is a sign that we're overdue for some new Mac portables. A very caring MacBook owner recently found unsightly stretch marks along his Mac's derriere, despite pampering it like it was his first-born. Earlier we heard reports of swollen batteries on MacBook Pros—one of them even went up in flames. Sounds… » 3/23/07 5:59pm 3/23/07 5:59pm

MacBook Pro Takes a Cap for its Owner, Still Boots Up

Can't afford to splurge on a Halliburton case for your shiny MacBook Pro? Turns out you may not have to. This Brasilian MacBook Pro over here took a bullet that was intended for its owner over the weekend during a mugging gone wrong and surprisingly, it still worked after being shot. So either that was a crap gun… » 2/26/07 6:46pm 2/26/07 6:46pm

MacBook Pros Temporarily Halted by Apple?

French Mac site Le Macbidouille is reporting that Apple has temporarily halted orders on its 15-inch Core 2 Duo MacBook Pros. Apparently users are complaining of excessive graininess on the display of the non-glossy models. The online Apple Store has a 1- to 2-day delay on both 15-inch models (the 17-inch ships in 24… » 12/06/06 12:05pm 12/06/06 12:05pm