New Apple Patent May Indicate a Touchscreen iMac—Or Maybe Not

Patents are as meaningful as tarot card readings. You see one that might, maybe, possibly mean something and you see a ton of crap. But still, even if it's incredibly awkward and tiring to use a 27-inch touchscreen on a desk, touchscreen tech is the obvious future for computers. So it's no surprise that Apple has some… » 2/02/12 5:41pm 2/02/12 5:41pm

Why Apple's Inductive Charging Patent For iPhones Is a Red Herring

Just because a patent's filed, doesn't mean the company in question has any ambition to actually make the damn thing. Take Apple's inductive charger, which proposes wrapping headphones around a charging tower with the earbuds conducting electricity to the iPhone. » 8/05/11 9:39am 8/05/11 9:39am