Apple Rumored to Build Their Largest Store in New York's Grand Central Terminal

Apple is rumored to be building another retail store in Manhattan, this time in Grand Central Terminal. CultofMac is reporting that it'll be Apple's largest store yet, at over 16,000 square feet, which would best London's Covent Garden location. The store is rumored to open in fall of this year. [CultofMac] »2/17/11 3:45pm2/17/11 3:45pm

Apple's SoHo Store Attracts "Worst Neighbor Ever" Complaints From Residents

Curbed's got a complaint report from the residents and visitors near the SoHo Apple store in NY, all of whom are really angry at what the store's been doing lately in terms of bugging its neighbors. The latest offense-the anvil thrown off a ten story office building onto an already arthritic camel-was the Jonas… »8/18/08 9:05pm8/18/08 9:05pm

Apple Store Retail Employees Getting New Shirts, Slogans, Impatient Attitude

IFO AppleStore has info on the new clothing design for Apple Retail employees, who will swap out their current job titles for slightly different ones that represent Apple's iPod and iPhone business more. The "Mac Genius" will become just "Genius," for example, and there will be six different slogans for each guy. We… »4/28/08 8:40pm4/28/08 8:40pm