Apple Showtime: Super Deluxe Roundup

Ok for those of you who have been living under a rock for the last couple of days we pulled together every story that was posted here on Gizmodo covering the Apple Showtime event. I'm talking everything from Brian Lam having to pee all the way to the new product pr0n, now jump & enjoy! » 9/15/06 9:35pm 9/15/06 9:35pm

Apple Coverage Roundup: Apple Introduces iPod Upgrades and iTunes 7,…

Apple made four releases and one announcement in San Francisco today, as you probably saw if you visited Gizmodo at all in the last 12 hours. Here's a roundup of all the stuff that went down in San Francisco. » 9/12/06 10:34pm 9/12/06 10:34pm

Apple Showtime's After Party: New Shuffle Photos

Apple's new Shuffle looks nothing like the Shuffle of old. Nah, it looks more like a Star Trek Communicator, especially with that clip on the back. At Apple's after event party, we took some time to check out the 1GB player, with its new earbuds. Not a bad buy for $79 bucks. » 9/12/06 9:44pm 9/12/06 9:44pm

Apple Showtime's After Party: Photos of the iTV Livingroom Streaming Box

The iTV set was by far the shining star of the show, hounded by fat, balding, geek paparazzi. The little set top box iTV looks like a half height Mac Mini with the sole purpose of streaming media to a livingroom TV. This is what is known to PC-doods as a Media Center Extender. » 9/12/06 7:57pm 9/12/06 7:57pm

Apple Showtime's After Party: iPod Nano Porn, Plus Video

After the main event, we were ushered to a back room where the new stuff was on display. We got to play with the pretty little second gen iPod Nano, and even got her to pose for some glamour shots. » 9/12/06 6:21pm 9/12/06 6:21pm

Apple Showtime: Bob Iger Pimps His Movies

Bob Iger, the Disney CEO, is up there talking about their four movie companies, Disney, Touchstone, Miramax and Pixar, are going to put their movies on iTunes Movies. Big speech about how movies are great, not much new here. » 9/12/06 2:53pm 9/12/06 2:53pm

Apple Showtime: We All Have to Pee

When I look around, everyone is shifting uncomfortably in their seats. It was hot outside, and well, all the journalists drank a lot of water. I don't know if I can hold it. » 9/12/06 2:46pm 9/12/06 2:46pm