Apple Tax Repealed? Comparisons Suggest It's So

Our friends at Laptop compiled a chart comparing the new $999 white unibody MacBook to similarly weighted 13" laptops from Dell, Acer and Samsung within $100. There are tradeoffs, but at least at this price level, Apple fights on even ground, and makes up for lacks (no SD slot, smaller HDD, less RAM) with perks (LED… » 10/20/09 6:13pm 10/20/09 6:13pm

Microsoft Responds to New MacBooks, Just Says "Apple Tax" Eight Times

In an email of talking points circulated by Microsoft spokespeople, the company addresses the various rumors » 10/14/08 6:14am 10/14/08 6:14am about today's new MacBooks, preemptively claiming that they will be overpriced, underspec'd and locked down. They offer charts comparing the feature lists of similarly priced Windows and Mac notebooks and make…