Apple TV Firmware V.2.3 Update Gives Third-Party Remote Support, AirTunes Streaming

For all you Apple TV users out there, Apple's now released firmware version 2.3. The patch, downloadable through the media hub's built in updater, now lets users stream music from AirTunes to any speakers connected to an Airport Express or other Apple TVs in the house. You'll also get the ability to use third-party… »11/20/08 3:00am11/20/08 3:00am


Apple TV Firmware 2.0.2 Released, Nobody Knows What It Does

Apple issued v2.0.2 update for Apple TV today, but nobody is quite sure what it does except add a Genre sort button to the movies sections and a Flickr update that lets you see galleries of favorite photos tagged by your friends. Jason O'Grady of The Apple Core said the download took 9 minutes over a cable connection,… »4/14/08 9:34pm4/14/08 9:34pm