Apple TV 2.3 Update Breaks Boxee, Other Hacks

Apple TV updates generally always wipe away all third-party software you may have installed, but usually, most things can just be re-installed. Not so with yesterday's 2.3 version update however, which has closed the door used to install software like Boxee via a USB patchstick. So if you love your Boxee like we do,… » 11/20/08 6:40pm 11/20/08 6:40pm

Boxee Media Center Now Streams Hulu, Comedy Central and CBS to Apple TV

Boxee, the free media center software that you can easily install on your Apple TV via a USB patch stick (as well as any other recent OS X machine), now supports Hulu streaming, as well as CBS and Comedy Central (for South Park and Daily Show/Colbert). It's an alpha release, so you'll need an invitation to download… » 10/21/08 10:07am 10/21/08 10:07am