You Can Jailbreak Your Apple TV Now, Too

Along with being able to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad, you can jailbreak the Apple TV now too. It's the first untethered jailbreak for the new Apple TV software (5.0.1) and it's all thanks to Seas0nPass. Why would you jailbreak your Apple TV though? For the plugins! » 5/25/12 12:18pm 5/25/12 12:18pm

Seas0npass Now Offers Untethered Jailbreaking of the Apple TV 2

Mac: The Apple TV 2 makes a great, cheap XBMC box, and now the previously mentioned Seas0npass jailbreaking tool offers untethered jailbreaking, so you can reboot without losing your hacks. A Windows version is on the way. [Firecore via How-To Geek] » 2/23/11 1:40pm 2/23/11 1:40pm

Seas0nPass Is the Simplest Apple TV Jailbreak Yet

Seas0nPass, a new Apple TV jailbreak, makes the process easier than ever. And what can a jailbroken Apple TV actually do? Not a whole lot! You can install the media streamer Plex, though, which is a start. » 1/13/11 11:57am 1/13/11 11:57am

Our Apple TV Apps Wish List

It didn't take long after the Apple TV jailbreak that we got our first app. But while I like weather as much as the next guy, these are the apps I really want to see on Apple's little black box. » 10/21/10 6:20pm 10/21/10 6:20pm

Watch Apple TV Get Immediately, Inevitably Jailbroken

Let's be clear: the only reason a new Apple TV hadn't been jailbroken yet is that new Apple TVs hadn't shipped yet; the Dev Team hackers figured out how to do it days ago. Here's how it was done. » 10/01/10 9:20am 10/01/10 9:20am