Microsoft's Seinfeld Ads Considered Other Stars Like Colbert, Sarah Silverman, McConaughey and the Late Bernie Mac

Earlier today we learned that Microsoft is planning a $300 million advertising campaign »8/21/08 5:30pm8/21/08 5:30pm starring Jerry Seinfeld in an attempt to counter the success that Apple has had with their PC vs Mac ads. However, according to , Microsoft may not stop with Seinfeld. Rumor has it that stars like Sarah Silverman, Willie Nelson,…

Apple Campus vs. Microsoft Campus: One Visitor's UI Review

Click to viewI had the fortune of being able to visit both Microsoft's Redmond Campus and Apple's Cupertino's offices within the same week. So, I thought I'd do a little comparison as to how a visitor perceives and experiences the respective headquarters. Both campuses have those generic looking tech worker buildings… »3/07/08 3:05pm3/07/08 3:05pm