When Apple Care Is Worth It (And When It's Not)

If you're making an investment in an Apple product, whether it's a new machine or a permanently on-sale refurb, you want to protect it. At the same time, spending a few hundred more on AppleCare hurts when you're already dropping a couple grand on a computer. You get a year of AppleCare as part of any purchase—but do… » 12/26/12 11:00am 12/26/12 11:00am

Is Amazon Working On Some Sort of "KindleCare"?

There's been a (pretty shaky) rumor kicking around lately that Amazon might be trying its hand at a smartphone, and now there's some circumstantial evidence that Amazon might be getting ready to push in another direction as well. According to GigaOM, Amazon might be getting into warranties. » 12/21/12 1:12pm 12/21/12 1:12pm

Why You Really, Really, Really Need AppleCare on That Retina MacBook…

Apple's retina MacBook Pro may well be the platonic ideal of a portable computer. It's fast, it's thin, it's brilliantly realized. Oh, and as iFixit has discovered, it's a gigantic—and expensive—pain in the ass to fix yourself. » 8/08/12 10:40am 8/08/12 10:40am

Use This iPhone Case and Your iPhone Will Be Replaced if It Breaks

Though we still prefer to stay naked when it comes to the iPhone, here's a pretty solid alternative for those people paranoid of shattering the fragile beauty that is the iPhone: Cellhelmet. It's a case that not only protects your iPhone but will also pay for a replacement iPhone if your iPhone breaks. » 5/14/12 8:20pm 5/14/12 8:20pm

Report: Sprint's Total Equipment Protection Won't Cover iPhones

It looks like Sprint iPhone users will have to buy AppleCare+ like the rest of us if you want a safety net for dropped, submerged, and otherwise demolished handsets. SprintFeed got its hands on a slide saying Sprint's Total Equipment Protection plans won't cover the iPhone. » 10/10/11 8:58am 10/10/11 8:58am

Rumor Smashed: AT&T Not Insuring iPhones For $5 a Month

We knew that rumor about AT&T iPhone insurance for $5 was too good to be true, seeing as we went through the same thing back in 2007 when the iPhone was launched. AT&T's insurance company, Asurion, isn't going to cover that super expensive phone for only $5 a month, even with the $125 deductible on pricier smartphones… » 5/21/08 1:50pm 5/21/08 1:50pm

AppleCare for iPhone Available Now For $69

The $69 iPhone Apple Care we told you about is now live on Apple's site. You can order online (free shipping) in order to extend your one year of complimentary iPhone repair service to two years. Telephone support, on the other hand, is still free for two years even without AppleCare. AppleCare is not available for… » 7/24/07 5:37pm 7/24/07 5:37pm