TMIO Intelligent Oven: Cook via Internet or Cellphone/PDA

Dinner can be ready the second you walk in the door without the need for one of those pesky spouses with the TMIO Intelligent Oven. This "smart" oven has both cooking and refrigeration elements and can be controlled remotely via the internet, cell phone or PDA. Of course, this still requires that you prepare your meal… » 1/22/07 1:52pm 1/22/07 1:52pm

Dyson's CR01 Contrarotating Double-Drum Washing Machine

Dyson, masters of the cyclonic vacuum cleaners are taking on the task of washing out your dirty laundry. The contrarotating, or rotating in an opposite manner, design uses two drums to get clothes cleaner, by "flexing" fabrics more. Sounds like its rough on the delicates, but we're not laundry men, so what do we know? » 9/28/06 2:48pm 9/28/06 2:48pm