Facebook Snubs The iPad, Prepares Its First Tablet App For WebOS (Updated)

Whoa, the first tablet-enabled Facebook app may land on HP's TouchPad and not the iPad. According to a rumor from TechCrunch, Facebook's first big-screen app will appear on the WebOS tablet which lands later this week. Of course, the iPad app could land in the next few days, but it's looking like WebOS is the darling… » 6/27/11 8:39pm 6/27/11 8:39pm

Enable Four-Finger Gestures on Original MacBook Air with Dangerous Scary Hack

Macrumors forum member michaelb » 11/15/08 7:15pm 11/15/08 7:15pm, in a fit of jealousy over his ladyfriend's new unibody MacBook, decided to try to trick his last-gen MacBook Air into recognizing four-finger gestures. He installed the updated 10.5.5 system from the new MacBook onto his Air, and then through some tricky manipulation of the kernel…

Last Call iPhone App Wants You To Get Drunk Responsibly

Similar to other drunk-calculating iPhone apps, Last Call determines how smashed you are by your weight and how many drinks you've knocked back. However, unlike all those other apps, it's free, it also calculates your drunkenness by the specific type of alcoholic beverage you've consumed, and it gives you options on… » 11/13/08 7:18pm 11/13/08 7:18pm

iPhone FakeCalls App Bails You Out of Awkward Situations

Magic Tap, a 99-cent iPhone application, lets you send fake calls to yourself on command, just in case you ever need an excuse to get out of an awkward situation such as a horrible blind date, or having "that talk" with your girlfriend. To make this application more realistic, it lets you customize the caller's name,… » 11/05/08 8:37pm 11/05/08 8:37pm

TiVoRemote App Updated with Slick GUI and Handy Features

TiVoremote, the iPhone / iPod touch Telnet TiVo Remote app, was finally updated a few weeks ago with an ooey gooey GUI, and some really useful new features. Now at version 0.23, the app can now detect TiVos on your home network, allowing for easy selection of the TiVo you want to control. What's even better is the app… » 6/30/08 5:40pm 6/30/08 5:40pm

iPhone / iPod TiVoRemote App Makes Telnet Control Easy

Remember when we showed you an iPhone controlling a TiVo over IP by means of Telnet? Well, over at the TiVo Community Forum, a user named Duckfin has compiled a "quick and dirty little program" that gives the iPhone and iPod touch a proper TiVo Remote. The app which is named TiVoRemote, no surprise there, actually… » 5/08/08 7:45pm 5/08/08 7:45pm

Epocrates and Apple Bringing iPhone App for Medical Professionals

Epocrates is working directly with those fruity chaps at Apple, in the hope of bringing an application for medical professionals to the iPhone. The app will support a drug search feature, as well as providing updates with recent, relevant medical information. Epocrates is one of the few companies that is working… » 3/07/08 5:25am 3/07/08 5:25am

Sprint Faker Hands-On: Pretend You Have a Life

Sprint's teamed up with game company Moderati for a mobile Faker application, which essentially lets you use your phone to pretend to have a life. It's gimmicky, sure, but it does have some neat features. Among the ones that you won't use very often are pickup lines, rejections, bar dares, and a fake Breathalyzer. Fun… » 3/23/07 7:00pm 3/23/07 7:00pm