Mynd Calendar Premium: This App Knows Your Schedule Better Than You Do

Mynd's smart calendar app for iOS just got a hefty new update today. The free version adds some smart features like integration with your Contact list and LinkedIn, but it's the paid Premium upgrade that gets a major boost: it acts like a digital assistant, learning how you spend your day to predict what your future… »7/08/14 9:30am7/08/14 9:30am


Are Brainscans a Better Way To Do Job Interviews?

An article by Tim Lahey suggests that medical schools could change the admissions process to make sure the most deserving students get in by replacing the traditional student interview with, of all things, an MRI brain scan. Never gonna happen, for every reason you've already thought of. But even so... is it maybe a… »8/08/13 5:40pm8/08/13 5:40pm

Dragon Dictate 2.0 For Mac Is a Better Listener Than Ever

Dragon Dictate 2.0 has roared onto OSX, harnessing a new and improved Dragon 11 engine and sporting a revamped UI. What that means for you is that it'll be easier (and more accurate) than ever to not only dictate text into your computer, but also edit documents, switch between programs, search Google, and plenty more.… »9/20/10 11:46am9/20/10 11:46am