Mophie Pulse Will Make Your iPod Touch Buzz Harder and Scream Louder

Mophie, makers of the iPhone power packs which are keeping us running this week, have another shiny iPod Touch-enhancing accessory to show off: The Mophie Pulse. It's a slick case that'll boost your device's volume while enhancing every vibration. » 1/04/11 9:56pm 1/04/11 9:56pm

The Most Artsy Slow-Mo Gadget Smash Video Ever Features Axe, MacBook Pro

We were so » 9/11/08 9:30pm 9/11/08 9:30pm over videos that smash gadgets—it's douchey, amateur, and nothing we want to condone—until we saw this. This, my friends, has go to be the most "artsy" gadget smash video we've ever seen. That's along the same lines as crowning the tallest dwarf, the fastest minivan or the least slutty member of the…