Aptera Electric Trikemobile Finds a Friend (and $2.75m) in Google

Pre-orders for the awesome Aptera electric car opened up last year, but the company has been relatively quiet about their progress as of late. Google's philanthropic arm has just thrown a cool $2.75 million their way, and now they're being a little more forthright: the Aptera Typ-1 is due this year, same specs, at… » 7/23/08 8:52pm 7/23/08 8:52pm

Aptera Electric Car Works Great, Says Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics test drove the Aptera Super-MPG Electric Typ-1 e. And despite its stupid stupid stupid name it looks like it works great. Capable of achieving 300 miles per gallon in its hybrid version, the $30,000 Aptera is a winner according to them: the electric-only version is stable, practical for daily… » 12/21/07 8:02am 12/21/07 8:02am

Aptera Electric Three Wheeler Available for Pre-Order

We heard rumblings of the electric three-wheeled Aptera over a year ago but now the company has opened up an annoying and overwrought website soliciting "reservations," meaning you can plunk down $500 and get the right to buy either the all-electric or plug-in diesel hybrid model. The good news is, there's a working… » 9/27/07 3:51pm 9/27/07 3:51pm