Modular Turbines Let Buildings Generate Own Power, Liquefy Own Birds

Aerovironment has developed a range of modular wind turbines designed to clamp on to existing architecture, called "Architectural Wind." The units, which can be easily teamed together, sit around the edge of a structure's roof and use specially designed low-speed turbines to take advantage of the breeze that naturally… »6/11/08 8:00pm6/11/08 8:00pm


Architectural Wind: Clean Energy, Birds Like It, Too

Harnessing energy from the wind is getting serious, and Arrow Vironoment takes it to the next level with Architectural Wind, a relatively small 6.5-foot, 60-pound turbine it rolled out at Wired's Nextfest last week. It's designed to mount on the top edge of a building, taking advantage of the unique aerodynamics of… »10/02/06 11:27am10/02/06 11:27am