Limited Harry Potter Archos 605 Raises Wands Everywhere

The Archos 605 Wi-Fi is a fine player when you want to watch movies on the go, but have you noticed that it's not quite Harry Pottery enough? Archos hears your cries, and is introducing a special edition loaded with the first four Potter movies (with the fifth being downloadable from the Archos Content Portal). This… »12/18/07 2:57pm12/18/07 2:57pm


First Hands-On with Archos 605 Wi-Fi CinemaNow Downloading PMP

Archos is one of those companies that is known better for its technology than its army of rabid fans. It had a hard-drive-based music player before the iPod, and it had one of the first, if not the first, portable DVRs on the market. Last year it rolled out the 4th generation portable media players, including the… »6/14/07 4:20pm6/14/07 4:20pm