Alienware Area-51 m15x Gaming Laptop Officially Released From Its LED-Lit Cocoon

While we're supposed to be mesmerized by the Alienware m15x's impressive-for-a-15-incher specs—Intel Core 2 Extreme, NVIDIA Geforce 8800M GTX and hot-swappable dual hard drives—we're kind of more tranced out by its over-the-top LED glow. It's available today, months after first being teased—a bit more hype than… »1/15/08 9:10am1/15/08 9:10am


Alienware Further Teases Us With Powerful Area-51 Notebooks

All that pre-release hype from Alienware we heard last week led up to even more pre-release hype today, with the company unveiling its two new laptops, the Area-51 m15x and m17x. It's calling the radical PCs "the most powerful notebooks ever created." There's still an air of mystery around the two laptops, but we do… »11/19/07 1:06pm11/19/07 1:06pm