Irregular-Shaped Building Blocks Let Kids Build Ultra-Modern Skyscrapers

Hot Wheels doesn't sell tiny die-cast horse and buggies to kids these days, so why would anyone assume that children would want to build ancient castles with building blocks? Areaware's Blockitecture set—designed by James Paulius—instead features a collection of irregularly-shaped wooden blocks that can be stacked and… »3/24/15 10:10am3/24/15 10:10am


Areaware 2B Radio: Minimalist Design and Features For Your Stylish Grampa

Kids these days, with their baggy jeans and their MTV and their fancy networked booming boxes »9/27/08 2:00pm9/27/08 2:00pm, they don't know the joy of sitting around the old-timey radio and listening to the soothing stories. The Areaware 2B radio just might be the bridge to these whippersnappers: its visible vacuum tubes have a cool retro feel,…