This Is Too Awesome: DARPA's Building Real Flying Transformers!

Between their remote locations and the ever present threat of ambush (or worse yet, IED), it's simply getting too dangerous to deliver the average 100,000 pounds of supplies that far-flung American forward combat bases require each week. Air drops by cargo plane or helicopter are one option, but DARPA researchers may… » 2/13/14 11:43am 2/13/14 11:43am

How NASA Solved a $100 Million Problem for Five Bucks

A few years ago, back when the Constellation Program was still alive, NASA engineers discovered that the Ares I rocket had a crucial flaw, one that could have jeopardized the entire project. They panicked. They plotted. They steeled themselves for the hundreds of millions of dollars it was going to take to make… » 1/31/12 3:20pm 1/31/12 3:20pm

Obama Considering Ares Cancellation, Orion Scale Back

NASA better come up with some good reasons to keep Ares and Orion alive, because Barack Obama is no JFK: The office of the President Elect has send them a questionnaire asking some tough questions about our favorite space program, Space News reports. You know, the one which is supposed to take Humanity back to the… » 11/29/08 8:29pm 11/29/08 8:29pm

Happy Birthday Saturn V, Still The Biggest Rocket of All

Click to view » 11/09/08 1:00pm 11/09/08 1:00pm Thousands of gallons of kerosene and liquid oxygen begin coursing through the giant center F1 rocket engine: The Saturn V's ignition sequence has begun. Next, two outer engines are lit, followed 300 milliseconds later by the other two, ignited in pairs to avoid toppling the 364-foot rocket above. Nine…

NASA Engineers Team Up With Retirees to Secretly Develop Alternative Moon Rocket

A handful of rogue NASA engineers have gone underground and spent their spare time from the Constellation program working on a rocket dubbed "Jupiter"-an alternative that they believe will be "safer, cheaper and easier to build than the two Ares spacecraft that will replace the space shuttle." Jupiter is being… » 7/16/08 7:30pm 7/16/08 7:30pm

Asus's First Gaming Desktop ARES CG6150 Looks Like a Decepticon

Alienware's iconic cases might have the X-Files fanboy segment of the gaming desktop market still swooning, but Asus is refreshing it with a little more evil styling for its first gaming PC that looks more like a Decepticon's head. It almost looks like it'll open up and tell you in a booming robot voice how hard you… » 3/04/08 12:50am 3/04/08 12:50am