Palm Hires Ex-Nokia MeeGo Man for webOS Team

Mere days ago we told you that Ari Jaaksi, VP of MeeGo devices at Nokia, had resigned. Turns out he's headed Palm's way, where he'll be the Senior VP of webOS from this November. Palm's also scooped up Victoria Coleman, who worked at Samsung's R&D center, for working on webOS. » 10/15/10 4:00am 10/15/10 4:00am

VP of MeeGo, Nokia's Upcoming OS, Is Next to Leave

Blood won't stop gushing out of the Nokia wound. Ari Jaaksi, who was the Vice President of MeeGo devices, has reportedly left Nokia. It's not known whether he jumped or was pushed, but his departure follows Chairman Jorma Ollila, Executive Vice President Anssi Vanjoki and CEO and President Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, who've… » 10/05/10 7:10am 10/05/10 7:10am