iPhone A7 Chip Benchmarks: Forget the Specs, It Blows Everything Away

We just ran benchmarks on Apple's new iPhone 5S, revealing that, yup, this is the dopest smartphone silicon ever made. This thing freaking churns, crushing every other smartphone out there on both computational power and graphics. But if you look at common specs like core-count and clock speed for the hardware, you'd… »9/20/13 2:31pm9/20/13 2:31pm

Watch DARPA's Robot Arms Perform The World's Slowest Pit Stop

Replacing fighter planes and reconnaissance aircraft with robotic drones turned out to be a far easier task for the military than replacing soldiers with bots. But DARPA remains determined to one day enlist robots for all military jobs, and among other research, it's working hard to develop a relatively low-cost set… »4/02/13 10:56am4/02/13 10:56am

Nvidia Tegra 4i: Quad-Core Processing and LTE For Mobile Awesome

Just over a month after announcing the Tegra 4 processor, Nvidia's back with another mobile chipset, the Tegra T4i, which comes with an integrated LTE modem. It's designed specifically for use with smartphones. Where the Tegra 4 is all about raw power for big phones and tablets, the Tegra 4i is a marvel of tiny… »2/19/13 9:20am2/19/13 9:20am