How an Arm Wrestle Resolved a Major Airline Dispute

David vs. Goliath. Burr vs. Hamilton. Ali vs. Frazier. These fights have captured the public's imagination like few others. On March 20, 1992, another battle entered this conversation. Herwald vs. Kelleher. Okay, so most likely, you probably don't have any clue who Kurt Herwald and Herb Kelleher are and why they… »2/21/14 6:30am2/21/14 6:30am


Arm Wrestle Mania Lets You Show off Your Manly Button-Mashing Skills

If you've dedicated your life to electronics rather than the gym, Arm Wrestle Mania »9/02/08 5:20pm9/02/08 5:20pm might be your only chance to actually beat someone in a show of strength. Hit start and repeatedly tap the power button to make your five-inch plastic strongman bring the pain on his competitor— whoever taps quickest wins the contest.…

Tresling Tetris Arm Wrestling Bridges Gap Between Brains and Brawn

Tetris geeks must rely on brute force as much as mental agility to win in Tresling, a new version of the classic game. Opponents are pitted against each other on an arm wrestling board, and the pieces shift based on whoever is in control. Wanna get that straight piece in position for a four line combo? You better hit… »4/15/08 12:05pm4/15/08 12:05pm