Marvell's 1.5GHz, Triple Core ARM Processor Can Handle 140 Hours of…

The smartphone guts race just got a bit more interesting—dark horse Marvell has just outed the first ever 1.5GHz ARM tri-core mobile processor. The Armada 628 pairs two high-performance cores with one optimized for low-power. Take that, Snapdragon. » 9/23/10 11:56am 9/23/10 11:56am

Marvell's ARMADA Mobile Chips to Go 1Ghz/1080p

Marvell's ARMADA chips hope to power everything from Blu-ray players to ebooks to smartbooks to digital picture frames, but the most interesting are the 600 series smartphone chips with a strong claimed 3d performance. » 1/05/10 10:24am 1/05/10 10:24am