Big Apple Apocalypse: 200 Years of Destroying New York City

Futurist thinkers have rarely been kind to New York City. In fact, writers and artists have spent the better part of two centuries destroying the Big Apple. Whether by flood or fire, nuclear explosion or alien invasion, New York more than any other city bears the brunt of our most apocalyptic futures. And perhaps no… »8/07/14 4:00pm8/07/14 4:00pm

NASA: The Only Thing Stopping a City-Destroying Asteroid Is Blind Luck

So you know how we all kind of thought that our odds of getting destroyed by an asteroid were remarkably low? Yeah, that was wrong. According to new research, the odds of a large-scale asteroid impact are actually three to ten times higher than we thought. And the only thing stopping total and utter destruction?… »4/18/14 1:00pm4/18/14 1:00pm

Physicists Claim It Would Be Impossible to Nuke an Earth-Killing Asteroid

If you've always assumed that the idea proposed in Armageddon could save us in the face of a crisis, by destroying an asteroid to avert the destruction of Earth, think again. Physicists from Leicester University, UK, have calculated that such a feat would require a bomb a billion times stronger than the biggest bomb… »8/09/12 4:00am8/09/12 4:00am

Amish Farmers Fight Government to Battle Bovine Mark of the Beast

Generally, the government doesn't meddle too much in Amish affairs—it doesn't make them educate children after the eighth grade »9/12/08 6:40pm9/12/08 6:40pm, for instance, 'cause of the First Amendment and all that. So it's kind of surprising to see many Amish threaten to quit farming in a over lojacking their livestock with the Mark of the…

Question of the Day: Tech or Nature - Which Will Kill Us First?

Anyone who watches the History Channel regularly knows that Armageddon is inevitable. It is the "how" and the "when" that remains a mystery. Back in the day it was a simple catastrophic natural disaster-a comet or a volcano that would wipe everything out. However, as intelligent beings we have "evolved" to a point… »6/19/08 5:30pm6/19/08 5:30pm

Michael Bay Says HD DVD Is a Big Microsoft-Funded Conspiracy

Michael Bay, acclaimed director of smash hits Pearl Harbor and The Island, has never had love for HD DVD, (though it seemed like he got reasonable). Now he says HD DVD is all a giant conspiracy being bankrolled by $100 million checks from Microsoft to slowly kill both HD formats: "Microsoft [officials] want both… »12/05/07 12:30pm12/05/07 12:30pm