FMG-9 Flashlight Converts to Machine Gun in a Second

"Gits Nasty? Git down to business," beams the SHOT Show booth boy after showing off the FMG-9, a concept weapon that can switch from a simple flashlight to a Glock-style submachine gun in one easy flick of the wrist. Designed by Magpul, the FMG-9 is currently in prototype phase, and there's no guarantee whether it… » 3/10/08 5:58am 3/10/08 5:58am

Robot Arm Mimics Muscle, Bone Structure To Write Hello

Although this robotic arm probably won't make anybody cry, it is pretty darn amazing. The components, which look anime-like in its cords and pipes and metal structure, are designed to mimic your muscle and skeletal structure. It's good enough right now to actually write semi-legibly and lift a small weight up without… » 8/29/07 4:20pm 8/29/07 4:20pm