How Far Did Armstrong and Aldrin Really Walk On The Moon?

Yesterday, Neil Armstrong explained why they didn't run wild around the Moon. I was curious about how much him and Buzz Aldrin actually walked. To give you a sense of perspective, here are their walks over a baseball and soccer field: » 12/10/10 8:20pm 12/10/10 8:20pm

Lance Armstrong's $15,000 Bike Helmet

First, Giro Helmets spent $15,000 to build a lifelike replica of Lance Armstrong. Only then did they start to develop his helmet. Hundreds of prototypes and wind tunnel tests later, they ended up with the most aerodynamic helmet ever. » 7/03/10 6:00pm 7/03/10 6:00pm

Stars, They're Just Like Us: Lance Armstrong Wants an iSlate Too!

After his seven Tour de France wins, I thought my man-crush on Lance Armstrong couldn't get any bigger or creepier. But that's all changed—today I learned that Lance is an iSlate-obsessed gadget-head just like me. » 12/30/09 12:40am 12/30/09 12:40am

Lance Armstrong's 12 Screws and Metal Plate in Collarbone Make Him a…

Lance Armstrong received surgery to more quickly fix his collarbone, which was broken into 4 pieces during a bicycle race in Spain. I wonder if he knows that the metal from the screws can set off the metal detectors in airports sometimes. (I have a titanium rod in my left tibia and the left over screw shavings set off… » 3/25/09 5:08pm 3/25/09 5:08pm