I Don't Think The World is Ready For Aromatherapy Earphones

Hey, I love pleasing scents as much the next person, but I don't think people are quite ready for an MP3 player that pumps odors through your earbuds. Nonetheless, a group of designers has come up with that very idea and dubbed it "Sweet Honey." I highly doubt that you will see something like this on store shelves… »7/31/08 4:40pm7/31/08 4:40pm

LTK-2000 Therapy Station Tries to Soothe Your Senses All At Once

Sure, there're plenty of gadgets to soothe your troubled soul with smells, lights and sounds— but why buy a bunch of these, when the LTK2000 does it all in one? Once the Therapy Station has calmed your ears with 24 relaxing sound options, a pop-up ring of bright LEDs tries to banish those SAD blues. Aromatherapy… »3/10/08 6:01am3/10/08 6:01am

USB Mini-Cool Aroma/Humidifier Brings Moist and Smelly Coolness

This USB Mini-Cool Aroma/Humidifier is not quite as pretty as that doughnut-shaped humidifier with aromatherapy we showed you a year ago, but then, this one's a lot smaller. Its maker touts its ability to cool you off with its fine mist, but with the upcoming winter months, the ultrasonic humidifier will come in handy… »11/01/07 11:17am11/01/07 11:17am

Magic Stinky Pencil Lead Lets You Smell Your Way to Happiness and Enlightenment

This Ain Supplio pencil lead from Pentel uses nanotechnology to release allegedly mind-expanding aromas, letting you smell your way to smartness while you scribble your meandering prose on a piece of paper. The pencil leads sell for two bucks a bag, and you can get them in three different scents, Refresh, Healing and… »7/13/07 11:45am7/13/07 11:45am