Man Cans Aren't Your Mom's Aromatherapy Bath Candles

I want my digs to smell un-gross. Just not like "Blissful Morning Dew Drying on Glistening Grass" or "Honeysuckle Blossoms on Summer Mornings," which leaves me little choice in my hunt for fresher air. Enter Man Cans: candles for men. » 6/10/11 11:40pm 6/10/11 11:40pm

I Don't Think The World is Ready For Aromatherapy Earphones

Hey, I love pleasing scents as much the next person, but I don't think people are quite ready for an MP3 player that pumps odors through your earbuds. Nonetheless, a group of designers has come up with that very idea and dubbed it "Sweet Honey." I highly doubt that you will see something like this on store shelves… » 7/31/08 4:40pm 7/31/08 4:40pm

LTK-2000 Therapy Station Tries to Soothe Your Senses All At Once

Sure, there're plenty of gadgets to soothe your troubled soul with smells, lights and sounds— but why buy a bunch of these, when the LTK2000 does it all in one? Once the Therapy Station has calmed your ears with 24 relaxing sound options, a pop-up ring of bright LEDs tries to banish those SAD blues. Aromatherapy… » 3/10/08 6:01am 3/10/08 6:01am

Aroma Waker Early Morning Scratch 'n' Sniff Technology

Aroma Waker is a not-so-cunningly-named alarm clock that wakes you by emitting aromatherapy scents at a preset time. Its actually got two heated scent pots, so you can have a second dose of smells later in the day— perhaps to remind you it's lunchtime, to feed the cat, or a "warm welcome from a hard day's work" as… » 2/27/08 7:22am 2/27/08 7:22am

USB Mini-Cool Aroma/Humidifier Brings Moist and Smelly Coolness

This USB Mini-Cool Aroma/Humidifier is not quite as pretty as that doughnut-shaped humidifier with aromatherapy we showed you a year ago, but then, this one's a lot smaller. Its maker touts its ability to cool you off with its fine mist, but with the upcoming winter months, the ultrasonic humidifier will come in handy… » 11/01/07 11:17am 11/01/07 11:17am

Magic Stinky Pencil Lead Lets You Smell Your Way to Happiness and…

This Ain Supplio pencil lead from Pentel uses nanotechnology to release allegedly mind-expanding aromas, letting you smell your way to smartness while you scribble your meandering prose on a piece of paper. The pencil leads sell for two bucks a bag, and you can get them in three different scents, Refresh, Healing and… » 7/13/07 11:45am 7/13/07 11:45am

Can't Sleep? Love Yourself With Aromahand

Attention one-handed typists: Put the Aromahand on that all-important non-typing hand, and it's certain to smell a whole lot better than that tube sock you've been using. Aromahand's makers have a more serious purpose, citing the benefits of aromatherapy as a basis for the effectiveness of this special glove stuffed… » 3/21/07 11:00am 3/21/07 11:00am

AromaUSB Offers Supercharged Relief From Cubicle Rot, Locker Room Effect

There's one in every office: a person who for some reason doesn't take many showers or use deodorant, and has virtually no sense of smell. Guard against that gag-inducing situation with AromaUSB, a stinky USB fragrance dispenser that's not recommended as a Valentine's Day gift. » 2/09/07 1:45pm 2/09/07 1:45pm

No Shock/Aromatherapy Door Handles: Opium Scent? Huh?

At first glance, we thought these door handles made by supplier of door handles to yachts free:go were the same as the lighted door handles we've mentioned before, but no, these unusual knobs have a dual purpose: they're soft and elastic to the touch, and they also emit an allegedly pleasant aroma. » 8/10/06 12:26pm 8/10/06 12:26pm

Aromatherapy Travel Pillow

Placebo or not, people seem to flock to anything with "aromatherapy" in the name. Take this aromatherapy travel pillow, which supposedly makes "uncomfortable long trips a thing of the past." This could have been useful to me since I'm about to fly halfway across the country for reasons unknown, but I guess we'll… » 7/10/06 3:04pm 7/10/06 3:04pm

Aromatherapy: USB Stencher

Here's another USB peripheral, this one for those whose cubicle smells like the shithouse door on a tuna boat. Dream Cheeky brings you the USB Aroma Diffuser, which keeps that scented wax and oil at a constant temperature, kicking up some powerful sniffage. Surround yourself with pleasant aromas, and you'll think… » 5/03/06 1:17pm 5/03/06 1:17pm

Funky Humidifier with AromaTherapy

As humidifiers go, this one is simply stellar. Shiny, round and found in five different colors, this device by Plus Minus Zero will add a little class to your room—as well as a nice scent with its built-in "AromaTherapy" function. Along this beautifully-designed product, you'll get eight hours of computer-controlled,… » 2/01/06 3:20pm 2/01/06 3:20pm