Why Is My Smart Home So Fucking Dumb?

A few weeks ago, a couple friends and I were about to watch a surprisingly bad scifi movie in my crowded apartment. One of them asked if we could dim the lights, and started to head to the switch. "No, no, I've got it," I said, reaching into my pocket. "He's reaching for his phone!" said the friend. This was the… » 2/12/15 11:05am 2/12/15 11:05am

Quirky's New A/C Unit Smartens Up Your Dumbest Energy Hog

This is Aros, a Wi-Fi connected air conditioner aimed at energy-conscious consumers that Quirky and GE are launching today. It's by far the biggest and most complicated product that Quirky has ever built, and it aims to help solve truly endemic problem: The window a/c unit, which has remained pretty much unchanged… » 3/19/14 9:00am 3/19/14 9:00am

Completely Unimpressive Robot Already Developing Bender Attitude

One day, robots will whiz by us one one wheel at 1000mph while solving absurd equations that would take us lifetimes to calculate. But that day has not yet come. So when a robot with coordination no better than a toddler starts trash-talking its humanoid accomplice, you know we're in for a painful and degrading… » 8/21/08 9:00am 8/21/08 9:00am