People Didn't Trust the Internet Before There Even Was One

Thanks to recent confirmation that your every online move is being monitored, trust in the internet seems like it's at an all-time low. In fact, as we can see from an article published in 1973, we were acutely aware that the future of our interconnected world depended on confidence in the privacy and security of the… » 12/10/13 2:20pm 12/10/13 2:20pm

Internet Pioneers Discuss the Future of Money, Books, and Paper in 1972

Imagine a world where nearly every book ever published could be delivered to you electronically in the blink of an eye. Imagine a world where all of your banking is done without having to visit a bank teller. Imagine a world where paper doesn't need to be shuttled around to exchange ideas. I know, I know, I'm… » 7/23/13 1:55pm 7/23/13 1:55pm

The Reason Why Your Email Address Has an @ in It

Email is something many of us have only been using for the past 20 years, but its roots go back much much further than that. The earliest traces of email even date back to the 1960s. And according to Wired, computer engineer Ray Tomlinson was responsible for many of email's earliest innovations, including the use of @… » 7/30/12 1:40pm 7/30/12 1:40pm