Another Halloween, Another Dude in a Breathalyzer Costume Busted For…

It's like a tradition. Last year's idiot was 18-year-old James Miller. This year's idiot: 19-year-old Nebraskan Matthew Nieveen, who was arrested on Halloween for driving with a BAC twice the legal limit. While wearing a breathalyzer costume. » 11/03/10 1:45pm 11/03/10 1:45pm

How to Record the Cops: A Guide to the Technology For Keeping…

This summer the issue of recording on-duty police officers—and consequent phone and camera confiscations—has received a great deal of attention. Here's how to make sure your coverage won't get lost should you find yourself in such a situation. » 9/20/10 9:40pm 9/20/10 9:40pm

Cruzin' Cooler Operator Gets Charged With DWI

We first wrote about the Cruzin Cooler, literally a motorized cooler scooter, here on Giz way back in 2006. Frankly, we're kind of baffled today that it took more than two years for the thing to log its first DWI arrest. First of all, yes, the Cruzin Cooler counts as a vehicle, and that is why Whitehall, NY resident… » 6/08/08 7:30pm 6/08/08 7:30pm

Zune Guerrilla Marketer Arrested at SXSW

» 3/14/07 7:16pm 3/14/07 7:16pm

First the NYC stunt and now this? A man postering the hell out of Austin with gaudy Zune posters has been arrested. Besides the fact that the guy is putting GIANT posters up on seemingly small lightposts, it doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but there are probably laws in Texas against those kind of things. Wait, … » 3/14/07 7:16pm 3/14/07 7:16pm