Confirmed: Cobalt Blue DS Coming Feb. 10

We knew the Black n' Blue DS was coming anytime now especially since we found a Circuit City pre-order page, but a specific date had yet to be uncovered, until now. A GameStop window display advertisement has the the in-store date and it's showing February 10th. [Kotaku] » 2/01/08 11:30am 2/01/08 11:30am

Arriva iPod Shuffle Headphones Make us Laugh, Cry a Little

Could these possibly be the worst headphones ever made for the iPod shuffle? Yes, yes they could. Instead of making them something a normal person would wear, Arriva's gone and made them "wireless," in the sense that they have a built-in iPod shuffle dock and hangs the player off the back of your head. Sure, it's… » 7/20/07 6:10pm 7/20/07 6:10pm