This Amazing Sculpture of Muhammad Ali Was Made with Punching Bags

This sculpture of The Greatest was made with 1,300 punching bags. Each speed bag was treated as a pixel and when put all together, formed the face, and classic snarl, of Muhammad Ali. The rest of the 22-foot high installation uses 6.5 miles of stainless steel cable, 2,500 pounds of aluminum piping and took three years… »3/01/11 10:00am3/01/11 10:00am

Live Fish Remix MP3s, Have More Talent Than Most American Idol Contestants

A Brazilian artist named Vivian Caccuri has put together an installation that uses the movements of live fish to remix the music played on an MP3 player. These fish are tracked using a proximity sensor and their activities trigger adjustments in processing levels, distortion and speaker fade to create a unique… »10/10/08 6:20pm10/10/08 6:20pm

Fototron2000 Robot Artist Paints With LEDs, Spits Out Polaroids

This is not your father's photo booth. Step into the Fototron2000 with its robot artist lurking within, and you may never look at yourself the same way again. The techno-beast's arm has LEDs at the end of it, and while you stand there it paints you with the LED light. Then its computer artist brain extracts the… »5/22/07 9:04am5/22/07 9:04am