24 of the Most Beautiful Ads Ever Made

Once upon a time, advertising was art. There was a period when creating amazing advertisements for products–such as cigarettes, soap, food, bicycles, and even cultural events—was a fulfilling form of self-expression for artists. The true golden era (one can call it La Belle Époque) shined from the end of the 19th… » 11/20/13 9:01am 11/20/13 9:01am

Panasonic's Art Nouveau Phone Concept Is Pure Eye Candy

Like something out of a Blade-meets-Matrix frankenmovie, designer Christina Tapp's Art Nouveau phone is a sleek, curvy beauty that apparently serves a functional purpose as a phone. Since it isn't real, I don't have to worry about wiping my drool off of its scrolling LCD front panel (as long as I'm dreaming, why not… » 7/05/07 9:15pm 7/05/07 9:15pm