Dish Just Agreed To Blanket San Fran With This Crazy New Cellular Tech

Dish wants to be a mobile phone carrier. Dish wants it bad. And Steve Perlman—the genius behind QuickTime, WebTV and OnLive—has spent over a decade working on tech that could allegedly leapfrog our current cell networks. So guess who just teamed up to potentially revolutionize the mobile internet? Yep. » 2/24/15 3:22pm 2/24/15 3:22pm

Coming Soon to A UAV Above You: Cameras that See Everything (Literally)

In the lead up to Osama bin Laden having his head vented by Seal Team 6, his compound was monitored by a cadre of satellite-mounted hyperspectral imaging devices. These wide-band imagers are now being adapted for use in UAVs. » 6/29/11 5:00pm 6/29/11 5:00pm

HTC Stereo Converter

If you've picked up an HTC Trinity, Artemis, or TyTN/Cingular 8525, you probably noticed that the only headset port is the 11-pin mini USB kind. Pretty gimpy if you want to use your Shure or your V-Moda Vibe headphones to listen to music. Brando's got the HTC stereo converter shipping December 27, which allows you to… » 12/20/06 6:25pm 12/20/06 6:25pm

HTC Love Ditches GPS, Adds Media Features

HTC's newest phone in their keyboard-less line looks and feels a lot like the HTC Artemis (left), the WM5 smartphone with a GPS built-in. But instead of allowing you to navigate from your phone, the HTC Love (right) lets you download and play back music. Totally different markets here. » 12/13/06 6:41pm 12/13/06 6:41pm

HTC Artemis First Look and Gallery

Mobility Today has a gallery of the HTC Artemis, a GPS-enabled Windows Mobile smartphone that we saw reviewed here. You can see the 2-megapixel camera, the BlackBerry Pearl-like jog ball, and the slim slot. » 10/24/06 2:41pm 10/24/06 2:41pm

HTC Artemis GPS Smartphone Reviewed (Verdict: Scrolls Like Butter)

If you're not familiar with HTC, it's a company that makes various smartphones both under their own name and for service providers to brand as their own. Their latest, the PDA/phone Artemis, continues their tradition of great phones in a PDA body. » 10/19/06 9:00pm 10/19/06 9:00pm

Video of the HTC Artemis in Action

HTC has been getting an absurd amount of hype lately, so here's just a little bit more to throw on the pile. What we have here are a couple of videos of HTC's Artemis, the Windows Mobile-based GPS-enabled PDA in action. Watch as the video's host, BengalBoy, takes us through the act of...touching the center knob… » 8/28/06 3:24pm 8/28/06 3:24pm

HTC's 2006 Roadmap

Our favorite amateur softcore pornographer BengalBoy got his hands on HTC's 2006 roadmap. HTC, in case you forgot, makes Windows Mobile 5-based smartphones for other manufacturers like QTek and Dopod to sell with their own branding. » 8/14/06 6:45pm 8/14/06 6:45pm

HTC Artemis GPS-Enabled PDA Phone

The HTC Artemis is HTC's first cellphone with on-board GPS, saving you the hassle of having to attach an external GPS unit for driving directions. No slide-out QWERTY on this one, but it does have a 2-megapixel camera, WiFi, microSD, TI OMAP 850 200MHz CPu, Bluetooth, FM Radio, and 64MB of on-board storage. » 8/14/06 5:45pm 8/14/06 5:45pm

UbiBro Artemis Q USB Tuner

USB DMB Tuners don't need to be ugly—case in point, the UbiBro Artemis Q. Looking like a sexy nun with its white and black glossy finish, the USB Tuner seems more like a miniature phone than a TV tuner when it's docked in the included receiver. Watch and record programs on the road in style. Non-South Koreans need not… » 5/02/06 1:51am 5/02/06 1:51am