What's the Weirdest/Most Bizarre Wikipedia Page You've Ever Found?

Given the right state of mind, enough time on your hands, and a can-do attitude, your casual Wikipedia browsing can quickly devolve into bizarre, horrifying, and very likely entirely fabricated black holes of information. Dark corners and seedy underbellies abound, making it virtually impossible to find all of the… »3/21/13 5:55pm3/21/13 5:55pm


Amazon to Sell "Kindle Singles" (Longer Articles or Shorter Books)

Amazon today put a call-out to authors, publishers or anyone keen on scribing between 10,000 - 30,000 words for their new "Kindle Singles" area of the Kindle Store, which will sell texts "twice the length of a New Yorker feature," or on the other hand "a few chapters of a typical book." Self-publishers with… »10/12/10 9:58am10/12/10 9:58am