The World's Oldest Artificial Heart

In honor of Valentine's Day, Gizmodo presents you with the Liotta-Cooley heart, the world's first totally artificial blood-pumper. Developed by Dr. Domingo Liotta and implanted by Dr. Denton A. Cooley on April 4, 1969, the Liotta-Cooley heart kept a 47-year old man alive for three full days before a human organ became… » 2/14/11 3:40pm 2/14/11 3:40pm

Young Boy Becomes First Human to Live With a Permanent "Robot Heart"

Until now, all other artificial heart transplants were just temporary relief. A 15 year old boy from Italy became the first person to receive a permanent artificial heart, due to the Duchenne syndrome which was wasting his muscles away. » 10/04/10 4:00am 10/04/10 4:00am