Regular Old Sewing Thread Can Be Woven Into Strong Artificial Muscles

Given Disney’s amusement parks are packed full of audio-animatronic characters, it only makes sense that the company’s research division would be hard at work finding ways to make them even more lifelike. Researchers may have found a cheap solution to making artificial muscles, using conductive sewing thread you can… »6/09/15 11:20am6/09/15 11:20am


Skeleton Muscle Bot Brings I, Robot's Future One Step Closer

Eerily reminiscent of the design of Sonny and the other NS-5s in I, Robot, Kenshiro is the University of Tokyo's latest attempt to create a humanoid robot that accurately mimics human movement. And the researchers there believe the best way to build an artificial human is to simply copy our anatomy, particularly our… »12/11/12 2:40pm12/11/12 2:40pm

Artificial Muscles That Can Heal Themselves (and Power Up Your Gadgets)

Unbelievably enough, researchers in California have developed an artificial muscle that can expand more than 200% when electricity is applied to it. By using carbon nanotubes, they have added a level of durability that can not be matched by current artificial muscle materials. If an area of the nanotube fails, the… »3/20/08 8:15pm3/20/08 8:15pm