Beautiful tilt-shift photos turn the Universe into precious jewels

The Universe is an incredible place that defies belief. We take it for granted because the distances and scale is so alien to our little tiny pale blue dot that our brains can't even process them. Maybe that's why Italian artist St. Tesla turns galaxies and nebulae into tiny precious jewels. » 2/05/15 2:52pm 2/05/15 2:52pm

Intricate shadow silhouettes carved out of butcher's knife blades

This twisting giant metal statue would make Kafka proud

Artist David Cerny's moving statue of Franz Kafka would make sense to anyone who has read the stories from the great Czech writer—it's a literal representation of what Kafka does to his readers: It twists their minds in the most unexpected and fascinating ways. » 12/01/14 7:55am 12/01/14 7:55am

These photoshop mashups of humans and animals freak the hell out of me

Italian artist Francesco Sambo's Bestiary is a collection of digitally manipulated pictures where he swaps his head for that of different animals. The resulting beasts can be sometimes creepy, sometimes cute, but always interesting to look at. » 11/10/14 12:13pm 11/10/14 12:13pm

Another Vegas Neighborhood In Transition: Looking at the Arts District

About 1.5 miles southwest of the Downtown Project's cluster of development in Las Vegas is another creative neighborhood going through changes. It's named 18b. » 1/12/14 4:00pm 1/12/14 4:00pm

Can Giving Free Houses to Writers Help Revitalize Detroit?

There's no shortage of vacant real estate in Detroit, which has seen a quarter of its population flee since 2000—it's estimated that over 78,000 buildings are sitting abandoned. But there are plenty of efforts to bring a new wave of young creatives to town, like this plan to fix up homes and give them to writers for… » 12/19/13 4:00pm 12/19/13 4:00pm

These Thread-and-Nail Portraits Are 50 Shades of Great

At first glance, these portraits (part of a series called "Constellation") by New York-based artist Kumi Yamashita might appear to be black and white photographs, or pen-and-ink drawings, but they are in fact made of materials far less germane to the fine art of portraiture. » 6/15/12 9:20pm 6/15/12 9:20pm

Famous Album Covers With Dead Band Members Photoshopped Out

This tumblr is genius, in a disturbingly macabre way: Jean-Marie Delbes and Hatim El Hihi are photoshopping dead band members out of famous album covers. The results are oh-so-perfect and weird. Eternity was never so ephemeral. » 1/13/12 7:00am 1/13/12 7:00am

The Best Street Art of the Year

Good art exists in more places than just galleries. Street Art Utopia has a huge collection of the best street art of 2011, with over 106 different pictures documenting everything from Facebook cigarettes to Lego to 3D street art to your art on a wall. » 12/29/11 3:00pm 12/29/11 3:00pm

What 30 Hours of Painting Without Paint Brushes Looks Like in Two…

Amy Shackleton is a 25-year-old artist who paints without paint brushes. No, silly, it's not finger painting or graffiti or spilling paint and calling it a day, it's real masterpieces that look amazing. She uses squeeze bottles to make them. » 9/26/11 7:40pm 9/26/11 7:40pm

A Simple Picture Depicting a Small Miniaturized Child Being Attacked by…

The poor little sap. He got miniaturized and the first thing he went and did with his new ability was interact with a deadly virus. Wait, what? This is just ADA and it's an interactive charcoal drawing art piece? Hrm. » 7/24/11 7:00pm 7/24/11 7:00pm

Google's Goggles App Brings The Getty Museum To Life

Google Goggles is getting all museum-y on us. Google has partnered with the Getty Museum to let visitors photograph artwork with Goggles and receive a guided virtual tour in exchange. » 6/27/11 7:17pm 6/27/11 7:17pm

Rest Assured, Shakira Fans, Sony Isn't Pulling its Wares From iTunes

Sony Music Entertainment isn't pulling out of iTunes, according to their COO Shawn Layden. Ad Age reported the other day that Sony was pulling out in retaliation for Apple blocking Sony's Reader app from the App Store, but au contraire claims Layden: » 2/17/11 12:50pm 2/17/11 12:50pm

Discover an Object's Pantone Color Code With This $650 Handheld Gadget

I'm a little surprised Pantone needs to bother with a $650 color-reading device when their $10 iPhone app already does the job (and more), but for professionals involved in the creative scene this will fast become the must-have gizmo. » 10/19/10 9:40am 10/19/10 9:40am

Meet the Last Great Holographic Artist

In the 1970s, the heyday of lasers and holograms, holographic artist Jason Sapan, AKA Doctor Laser, was a rock star. Though his art form fell out of favor, he still tinkers tirelessly in holograms today. Here's his fascinating story. [Motherboard] » 8/19/10 10:40am 8/19/10 10:40am

How Regular Movies Are Converted To 3D

Now that Avatar is officially the highest grossing movie of all time, it's inevitable that studios will continue to push 3D as the new frontier of cinema. But actually filming in 3D is prohibitively expensive. Here's how they fake it. » 1/30/10 9:50am 1/30/10 9:50am

Disturbingly Cool "Big Head" Papercraft Halloween Costume

Inspired by the big head mode in retro video games, Eric Testroete created this trippy papercraft self portrait for Halloween last weekend. The geometric look uses 370 individual paper triangles, and here's how he did it: » 11/03/09 7:20am 11/03/09 7:20am

Nintendo Wii Anatomy Art Is Perfectly Twisted

Created for a project that would encourage doctors to use the Wii for patient rehabilitation (even though they already are?), these illustrations are like something David Cronenberg would dream up, and remind me of those spooky Lego Minifig anatomy renders. » 9/10/09 2:45am 9/10/09 2:45am

Google Doesn't Want to Pay Artists for Making Custom Chrome Skins

Google is having artists make custom skins for its Chrome Browser, which is pretty cool. Much less cool, however, is that one of the biggest companies in the world refuses to pay the artists. » 6/15/09 9:40am 6/15/09 9:40am

Russian Artists Create Man-Sized, Melted, Working iPod

The 'WowPod' might not the be first oversized, semi-functioning » 9/29/08 9:00am 9/29/08 9:00am iPod, but it's probably the strangest. Perhaps taking cues from Salvador Dali (The Persistence of Memory? Anyone? Sorry?), Aristarkh Chernyshev and Alexei Shulgi have not just blown up and distorted an iPod — they've thrown in some functionality. Their…