What if famous brands used famous cartoon characters as their logos?

Brilliant. Artist Bruce Yan remixes the logos of famous brands by inserting the cartoon characters we grew up with. So the Playboy bunny becomes a profile view of Bugs Bunny, the mermaid in the Starbucks Logo becomes Ariel, Charlie Brown is the BIC guy and so on. The twists are super clever and fun. » 2/04/14 1:04am 2/04/14 1:04am

Can Giving Free Houses to Writers Help Revitalize Detroit?

There's no shortage of vacant real estate in Detroit, which has seen a quarter of its population flee since 2000—it's estimated that over 78,000 buildings are sitting abandoned. But there are plenty of efforts to bring a new wave of young creatives to town, like this plan to fix up homes and give them to writers for… » 12/19/13 4:00pm 12/19/13 4:00pm

Nintendo Wii Anatomy Art Is Perfectly Twisted

Created for a project that would encourage doctors to use the Wii for patient rehabilitation (even though they already are?), these illustrations are like something David Cronenberg would dream up, and remind me of those spooky Lego Minifig anatomy renders. » 9/10/09 2:45am 9/10/09 2:45am

Russian Artists Create Man-Sized, Melted, Working iPod

The 'WowPod' might not the be first oversized, semi-functioning » 9/29/08 9:00am 9/29/08 9:00am iPod, but it's probably the strangest. Perhaps taking cues from Salvador Dali (The Persistence of Memory? Anyone? Sorry?), Aristarkh Chernyshev and Alexei Shulgi have not just blown up and distorted an iPod — they've thrown in some functionality. Their…

Canvas Laptop Computer Concept for Creative Types

The creative brain of designer Kyle Cherry has had a go at reinventing the laptop, with the specific needs of "creative" users in mind. Keeping the design clean and simple so artistic efforts are unhindered, auxiliary controls sit outside of the keyboard area and include a four-way navigation joystick. He envisages it… » 3/13/08 12:55pm 3/13/08 12:55pm

Steampunk Virtuoso Creating Masterpieces in His Modern Victorian…

I showed you an incredible steampunk laptop this morning — perhaps the coolest steampunk gadget I've seen — now take a look at how it was made and the man behind it. This WSJ video profile shows us exactly how Datamancer makes his steampunk contraptions. It also goes into a bit of the background behind steampunk for… » 11/02/07 3:45pm 11/02/07 3:45pm