Nine Awesome Gadgets Only Available from Late Night Television

In the days before Sky Mall and Hammacher Schlemmer, Americans had just one option to purchase their gimmicky gadgets—late night TV. Whether you needed a vacuum-equipped razor, an in-the-shell egg scrambler, or the best damn rotisserie $19.95 could buy, all you had to do was pick up the phone. Our friends at Oobject » 11/16/12 2:40pm 11/16/12 2:40pm

The Clapper Plus—a Silent Clapper ... Wtf?

Mark Grossmeyer is man known for his often unique and innovative gadgets, but he has really outdone himself with this one. Grossmeyer didn't own a clapper because he did not want to take up his wife while going to bed, so what did he do? Well, he reinvented the clapper and added a remote-control. Welcome the Clapper… » 12/19/06 2:01pm 12/19/06 2:01pm